Completely inappropriate and probably too late post of the night

I didn’t get a chance over the weekend to share this quaint and heartwarming little Halloween tale that you can share with your children and they can pass down to their children:

Last Friday night I was speaking with one of my employees about what her plans were for Halloween weekend. She explained that she had tried to get tickets to see Interpol at a local club on Friday night but the show was sold out and so she was reluctantly going to a party instead. I mentioned that that didn’t sound so bad, and she said with great resignation, “Yeah. It’s just a pumpkin-carving party over at my friend’s house with a bunch of girls she works with. They’re all strippers at Pacers.” (a very popular local strip club in San Diego)

To recap:

Pumpkin-carving party
All girls
Girls who are strippers

It’s these kind of feelgood holiday stories that always warm my heart…and the other contiguous organs.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled political snarking…

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