It’s a documentary. No, it’s propaganda. No, It’s a breathmint.

Outside of kicking all the swarthy people out of America, you just can’t make Michelle Malkin happy:

Yet another public school has allowed a teacher to show Michael Moore’s crockumentary to students. From the Seattle Times:

MILL CREEK — A high-school teacher’s classroom showing of the controversial film “Fahrenheit 9/11” has some local Republicans fired up.
Judy Baker, a teacher at Henry M. Jackson High School, showed the anti-Bush documentary last week to students in her government class as part of a lesson in propaganda and politics. She adhered to district policy that requires permission from both the principal and a parent for students to see the R-rated film.

“We’re supposed to be training kids to be informed voters. It seems appropriate to help kids critically dissect information and analyze it,” Principal Terry Cheshire said.

So, the right complains about F9/11 saying it’s not a documentary but propaganda, and then, when someone tries to teach it that way, they complain.

Malkin really is a special kind of stupid who should not be allowed to have any more children which is entirely possible since one of her good buddies is Tom Coburn, he of the “whoopsie!” sterilizations.

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