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Dick Cheney just said this on Friday at an airport rally at a hangar in Montoursville, Pa, according to the AP:

“The U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq will be studied for years for their brilliance.”

OK, I guess the NYT has it all wrong, as usual, eh Dick? It reports again to the sad state of our military’s readiness, especially the National Guard. BC04’s amazing ability to boldly lie to the public (and apparently to themselves) when they say they support our troops is just disgusting every time I hear it.

When the 1544th Transportation Company of the Illinois National Guard was preparing to leave for Iraq in February, relatives of the soldiers offered to pay to weld steel plates on the unit’s trucks to protect against roadside bombs. The Army told them not to, because it would provide better protection in Iraq, relatives said.

Seven months later, many of the company’s trucks still have no armor, soldiers and relatives said, despite running some of the most dangerous missions in Iraq and incurring the highest rate of injuries and deaths among the Illinois units deployed there.

“This problem is very extensive,” said Paul Rieckhoff, a former infantry platoon leader with the Florida National Guard in Iraq who now runs an organization called Operation Truth, an advocacy group for soldiers and veterans.

Though soldiers of all types have complained about equipment in Iraq, part-timers in the National Guard and Reserve say that they have a particular disadvantage because they start off with outdated or insufficient gear. They have been deployed with faulty radios, unreliable trucks and, most alarmingly for many, a shortage of soundly armored vehicles in a land regularly convulsed by roadside attacks, according to soldiers, relatives and outside military experts.

Guess Cheney should also ignore the NYT story about more Marines dying in an insurgent attack yesterday near Baghdad.

Eight marines were killed and nine others wounded west of the capital on Saturday when a suicide car bomb rammed into their convoy, military officials said, resulting in the deadliest day for the American forces in half a year.

Bush and Cheney cannot blame Kerry for this national shame.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding