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Off political topics for a brief Halloween blast from the past. The missus and I went to an 80s themed party last night and I dug out the only original piece of clothing I have left from my period — legwarmers. The rest I had to get, including some truly heinous earrings, plastic charm necklaces and the awful pink hat. I didn’t have the big hair, as shown in the photo in the middle (1984), or on the right (1981). Had to hide the locs under the cap in 2004.


Top left: 80s party, 2004. Top right: Teased, curling iron and sprayed, 1984; bottom: Huge hair — 1981 — HS graduation at Carnegie Hall from Stuyvesant High School in NYC and…the locs of 2004. More on the politics of my hair.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding