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Remember how you need to be screened, have a ticket and take a loyalty oath before seeing Bush at a rally? We thought it was to keep dissent down. Actually, the real reason is poor, low-self-esteem Shrub needs the pick-me-up of an only-adoring crowd, according to puppetmaster Karl Rove. (NYT).

Karl Rove, the presidential adviser, surveyed the scene one night at a farm in Bucks County, where thousands of supporters stood shoulder-to-shoulder on a plowed cornfield. An American flag, basking in bright lights, hung from the side of a white barn.

“He gets it,” Mr. Rove said of the president. “It is really, really energizing. Think about this crowd. Almost everywhere we go it is wild.”

Whether it is all the calculated showmanship of a skilled politician, or the genuine George W. Bush refusing to be smothered by the political process, is not up for discussion at the rallies.

When questions to that effect are posed by journalists, the reaction is typically hostile. Many Republicans who attend Mr. Bush’s rallies identify the news media as the main source of his problems, and they do not hesitate to challenge or heckle reporters traveling with the president.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding