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Another religious wingnut with queer offspring works to make her a second class citizen. This time it’s Georgia Christian Coalition head Sadie Fields. Her daughter Tess finally couldn’t take it anymore and has spoken publicly about being ostracized from the family by her mom.

Just days before Tuesday’s referendum, Tess Fields sent a letter to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s editorial page criticizing what she called her mother’s “bigotry” and “abject hostility toward gay and lesbian people.”

Tess Fields, a 35-year-old mother who lives in Oregon, said in an interview with the newspaper that she was speaking out partly to answer an opinion piece her mother previously wrote in the newspaper.

She also wanted to offer encouragement to people opposing the amendment.

Georgia is one of 11 states with gay marriage ban amendments on the Nov. 2 ballot. The amendment also would specify that the state need not recognize same-sex marriages performed by other states and would declare that Georgia courts will have no jurisdiction to settle property division disputes arising from same-sex unions.

Sadie Fields said her daughter’s sexuality and their strained relationship is deeply painful for her. The Christian Coalition leader, who also has two sons, said that she loves her daughter and prays for her daily.

“I would give my life for her, but I can’t affirm her in her choices,” she said.

Sadie Fields said she would continue to support the constitutional amendment because she says it’s the right thing to do.

“The amendment issue is larger than just one relationship,” Sadie Fields said. “It’s not just about me and my daughter. It’s about the future of this country.”

The sad truth is that these measures are likely to pass in all the states that has it on the ballot. Family values indeed.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding