Grab on to this straw. I think it will keep us all afloat…

It looks like our old buddy Roger Simon has moved on to the third stage of My Party Left Me and All I Got Was An Audience of Yokels: bargaining (which was preceded by fear and anger and will be soon be followed by depression and President John Kerry):

Belmont Club is correct in saying that this Bin Laden (the latest tape’s iteration) seems to want a cease fire of some kind:


Well, we all know what side Wretchard and I are on. But what’s interesting is how this post dovetails with John Kelly’s already cited here. The peculiar moveon.org rhetoric of this new Bin Laden sounds as if it wasn’t written by BL at all, but by some group with an eye cocked on Tuesday. That the CIA has vaguely verified the tape means little. They always have. As many have noted, they have a continuing interest in the existence of a live Bin Laden. Both sides do.

But then, I could be wrong… It probably won’t be the first time in the last five minutes.

Roger has now turned his back on the Democratic Party, progressives, fellow Jews, the monolithic mainstream media, and now the CIA. With nowhere to turn, he and Wretchard think that bin Laden is negotiating a ceasefire, which would be strange since our war with him is so far on the backburner that you couldn’t soften wax with it. So, in the interest of spinning the bin Laden tape, Roger divines some sort of mastermind behind the mastermind. A secretive puppetmaster that can bend bin Laden to his will in order to shape future events and change history with a mere crook of his finger. I think his name is Osama bin Rove.

Fortunately the election is in a few days and, should Kerry win, maybe Roger can take some time off to cool down and lower his blood pressure. And maybe, just maybe, when the world breathes a sigh of relief that the adults are back in charge, Roger can get back to blogging about the stuff he really knows about. Like that time he and Cathy Seipp ran into Army Archerd at the Beverly-Wilshire Coldstone.

That was cool.

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