Quick wrap-up until AWM&#153

If, and it’s a big if, George W. Bush wins next week, will Dick Cheney metastasize into Spiro Agnew? All signs point to: you betcha. You know, I think it was Kevin Drum who said that he thought that a second Bush term would generally be filled with scandal revelations. Looks like they’re getting an early start.

Steve Gilliard shows us that the Bush campaign is trying to sell the president by highlighting the slaughter of 3000 Americans on his watch. I dunno. Let’s face it, Bush is to 9/11 what Bill Janklow is auto safety.

Kos points out that the Bushies are using a John Hall song to promote their boy apparently unaware that Hall was one of the organizers behind the No Nukes/MUSE concert in 1979. Bush was probably at the concert but doesn’t remember since ’79 was the year that he was experimenting with mushrooms dusted with horse tranquilizers. Good times…good times…

…and finally Lucianne Goldberg makes a surprise visit to the Corner embarassing Jonah just like she’s been embarassing all of humanity for years.
“Dude. That’s your mom?”

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