A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free*

Who knew Roger Simon’s blog was designed as flypaper for loonies? From his comments:

“Roger, you don’t trust the NYT but THE WASHINGTON TIMES is a credible newspaper? REV MOON anyone?”

The Washington Times is a very careful and thorough journalistic organization. Rev. Moon is indeed a very strange individual, if not even downright weird—but he has nothing to do with running the newspaper. Moon is similar in this respect to the church leaders who apparently still own the Christian Science Monitor. And yes, The Washington Times is far more reliable than The New York Times. It earns our respect. So much so, that one is hard pressed to point out any major blunders by any of its journalists. Are there any?

There’s not enough bandwidth in all of the internets to begin answering that…

*Headline compliments of the late great Elliot Smith.

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