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On the Bush/civil unions story, I smell flopsweat…the Freepers are fretting over this…here’s a sample:

— Well, this should make some Bush supporters stay home. Or at least the NY Times/Kerry campaign hope so

–Can we step into any more potholes this final week?

–I don’t believe this. The NYT is really going full boar trying to smear the President.

–I gotta think he’s just pandering for the moderates or something. I’m disappointed, he needs to cater to his BASE.

–He’s shooting for the Andrew Sullivan/Log Cabin vote.

–Gay marriage is one of my main issues as a Christian so this is very relevant to me.

–A civil union is the equivalent of marriage in all but name. I do oppose it and so do the American people.

–Wake up! Can you not see that every day now the NYTimes is trying to hit President Bush and help their boy, Kerry? Everyday!

–It is disgraceful. The Times is engaged in blatant political activism. It’s as if Terry McAulliff is actually directing what hits he wants the Times to take on President Bush. It is so obvious. You are a hopeless fool if you fall for it, or succumb to it.

–I understand the difference between civil unions and gay marriage, but I’m strongly opposed to both. It’s an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

— “Civil unions” give the blessing of the state to perversion and immorality.

–They are also unavoidable, as it’s far too late in the game politically to stop them. Bush, the practical politician, realizes this. He also realizes that the existence of civil unions makes a ban on gay marriage more palatable to a lot of moderate voters than it would be if there were no alternatives.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding