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This is so out of control — a DKos diary by scottmaui on a Hawaii Republican state senate candidate that supports execution of gays. His name is Robert Finberg, a pastor for the Christian Fellowship Church. He is a freakshow.

Video is here (WMA):

The fun begins about halfway through. From scottmaui:

Finberg was interviewed by Forrest Bradford, who has a show called Religious Phonies on local cable access channel AKAKU.

After explaining his creationist views of history’s timeline, Finberg was asked: “If there was a law that supported the execution of people found guilty of performing homosexual acts, would you support that law?”

After stating “Unfortunately, nearly 300,000 Americans have suffered the death penalty as a result of homosexual activity,” Finberg answered, “Yes, if it were the law of the land. Yes.”

The video is hosted on a site exposing Republican Congressional candidate Mike Gabbard, who is challenging my congressman, Rep. Ed Case, for HI-02 (Rural Oahu and neighbor islands). Gabbard was endorsed by Finberg, who said they “share the same beliefs.” Gabbard was a leading figure in the Hawaii constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

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