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Big Bill is back giving Kerry a boost in Philly. (MSNBC)

A smiling, energetic former President Clinton campaigned for Democratic Sen. John Kerry on Monday just seven weeks after undergoing heart surgery, telling a crowd of thousands that President Bush and Republicans are trying to “scare the undecided voters” away from the Democrat.

“If this isn’t good for my heart, I don’t know what is,” Clinton said of the enthusiastic response from the crowd.

…“From time to time, I have been called the comeback kid. In eight days, John Kerry is going to make America the comeback country,” Clinton said to cheers.

…“Isn’t it great to have Bill Clinton back on the trail?” Kerry said, drawing thunderous applause.

Kerry drew cheers of delight when he said that he had asked Clinton “if there’s anything you have in common with George W. Bush? He thought for a moment and he said, ’In eight days and 12 hours, we will both be former presidents.”’

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding