Too stupid to live, much less be allowed to vote

I really do believe that we get the government we deserve, but no one deserves to get the government we end up with because of people like this:

Kimberly Parmer, 33, who works as a human resources manager in western Michigan, said the emphasis on national security issues had distorted the campaign.

“I don’t think terrorism is as big a threat as everyone is making it out to be,” Ms. Parmer said. “Yes, we have had a couple of incidents, but other countries have hundreds every year. Iraq is important, but so are things like Social Security and Medicare. Neither one has really touched on those subjects because no one is going to be happy, no matter what you do.”

Ms. Parmer, who said she is firmly planted in “the very low middle class,” also saw the Bush tax cut as poorly timed. She normally votes for Democrats, she said, but is not sure this time.

“One is too polished; the other one, I think to be honest, I don’t know how he ever got to be president,” Ms. Parmer said. “I am really surprised he has gotten as far as he has in life. I do think he’s honest.”

Even so, Ms. Parmer said, she thought she might vote for Mr. Bush. “If you actually look at him, and he stands up next to Kerry, you just kind of feel sorry for him,” she said. “I feel he’s more of an underdog, he’s had a hard go of it in the last four years.”

(Thanks to David)

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