To all of those fence-straddlers and those who voted-for-Gore-before-but-Bush-has-a-better-handle-on-fighting-terrorism-than-Kerry folks…

How are we supposed to take you seriously after this?:

“On October 10, the IAEA received a declaration from the Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology informing us that approximately 350 [metric] tons of high explosive material had gone missing,” Fleming said. The 350 metric tons is equivalent to 380 U.S. tons.

Whereabouts a mystery
The Iraqis told the nuclear agency the materials had been stolen and looted because of a lack of security at government installations, said Fleming, who said the IAEA feared “that these explosives could have fallen into the wrong hands.”

At the Pentagon, an official who monitors developments in Iraq said U.S.-led coalition troops had searched Al-Qaqaa in the immediate aftermath of the March 2003 invasion and confirmed that the explosives, which had been under IAEA seal since 1991, were intact. The site was not secured by U.S. forces, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

On the other hand, all of the post-it notes at the Iraqi Oil Ministry have been accounted for….

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