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The Washington Blade reports that it looks like there’s a little in-house fighting going on under the Log Cabin Republican‘s big tent.

The board of directors of the national gay group Log Cabin Republicans is renewing the group’s contract for Executive director Patrick Guerriero for at least two more years after praising his leadership skills and dismissing critics who claim he has been too adversarial toward President Bush.

“We have full confidence in Patrick,” said Bill Brownson, a Columbus, Ohio, GOP activist who chairs the Log Cabin board.

Brownson and two LCR board members from Washington, D.C. — Tim Schoeffler, the board’s vice chair, and Bob Kabel, a former Reagan administration official — said the board believes Guerriero has done an excellent job in leading the group through an election year minefield in which Log Cabin chose not to endorse a sitting GOP president.

But in recent weeks, sources familiar with the Log Cabin group have reported learning of discontent among the ranks of a small but influential corps of gay Republicans who believe Guerriero has gone beyond the board’s non-endorsement mandate by harshly criticizing the president in television appearances and newspaper commentaries.

The sources, who agreed to be interviewed only on condition that their identities be withheld, said Guerriero and his top lieutenant, Political Director Christopher Barron, have “aided and abetted” Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry through their media criticism of the president.

Guerriero and Barron have said they accepted invitations to appear on television news programs to promote their efforts to defeat the Federal Marriage Amendment, the proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage. Log Cabin paid for a series of television ads opposing the legislation.

Some of the critics have circulated anonymous e-mail messages claiming that Barron “worked” for Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, the senator from North Carolina, before Guerriero hired him at LCR.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding