Late to the party

I’ll admit it. I got liberal-wood when I saw the video of ManHandAnn almost getting pied in Arizona. And I was all set to go all droll about it…until I saw that the master beat me to it and, as usual was better than I could even dream of. This is so good:

When a pair of hooligans tried to attack her with pies during a speaking appearance, an episode broadcast on cable news today, Coulter didn’t freeze like a deer in the headlights. She showed lightning reflexes, ducking away from the lectern and running backstage on high heels, which any woman will tell you is difficult to do. Because of her quick getaway, the flying pies wildly missed their target, sparing her a humiliating cream pie bukkake facial that would have made the papers and been downloaded millions of times on the internet.

If six of the funniest bloggers on the internets (all of them) put their heads together, they still wouldn’t have come up with “humiliating cream pie bukkake facial”.

Oh. And if anyone is hosting a site to help pay the aforementioned hooligans fine, let me know. We’ll have us a little fundraiser.

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