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The Bosox are in the World Series. They were, indeed a miracle team in the playoffs. I didn’t watch, incidentally, even though I am a generally a Yankee fan (my heyday of fandom was the ’77-78 team).

However…I am a firm believer in the curse. And I fully expect for them to go down in another heartbreaker, courtesy of the Bambino, hahahaha. I think back to the beauty of 1986, when that Mookie Wilson squibber went through Buckner’s legs


Also, it looks like Paul Hamm, Olympic gymnast, gets to keep his gold medal.

“This is, obviously, a great day for me,” Hamm said. “The decision from CAS confirms what I’ve always felt in my heart, which is that I was champion that night and Olympic gold medalist.”

The decision by a three-judge panel from the Court of Arbitration for Sport ends a saga that began more than two months ago when South Korea’s Yang Tae-young claimed a scoring error cost him the title.

Yang asked the court to order international gymnastics officials to change the results, and adjust the medal rankings so he would get the gold and Hamm the silver. But the CAS panel dismissed the appeal, leaving Hamm with the gold and Yang with his bronze. Kim Dae-eun of South Korea was the silver medalist.

The verdict is final and cannot be appealed.

“An error identified with the benefit of hindsight, whether admitted or not, cannot be a ground for reversing a result of a competition,” the CAS panel said.


Back in August, there was another controversy about Hamm’s PR flaks turning away a NY Blade reporter to avoid being associated with anything queer. Hmmmm.

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Pam Spaulding