The People’s Republic of California says “No way, dude” to George Bush

This is why the candidates never visit or call:

While President Bush (news – web sites) has reestablished a slight lead over Kerry in some recent national polls, Kerry’s support in California has grown as the number of undecided voters has dropped.

Those describing themselves as undecided have shrunk to a mere 2% of likely voters, down from 5% in September, and Kerry was the beneficiary: The U.S. senator from Massachusetts was the choice of 58% of likely voters, a slight increase from last month’s 55%. Support for Bush remained flat at 40% in the poll, which has a margin of error of three percentage points in either direction.

Both Kerry and Bush scored well among their own party faithful, but Kerry was the clear favorite among the independent voters who dictate the outcome of elections in California. He won 59% of them, while Bush won 35%. Overall, only 4% of likely voters said they might still change their minds, down from 6% in September, indicating that the thin stream of political uncertainty that courses elsewhere in the nation is running dry in California.


Californians’ dislike for Bush’s policies on everything from Iraq (news – web sites) to the economy propelled support for Kerry. Even Bush’s signature national issue — terrorism — worked against him in California, where nearly three in five likely voters disapproved of his handling of the war on terror. Overall, voters were split over whether Kerry or Bush would best keep the country safe from terrorists.

“Four years ago, Bush lost the state by 12 points, and this year the president has not made any inroads into having voters support him for president,” said Susan Pinkus, director of the Times Poll. “In fact, the president is losing by an even larger margin.”

About 57% of likely voters disapproved of Bush’s general job performance, a slight uptick from 55% a month ago. But the sentiment was more intense, with 50% saying they “strongly disapproved” of Bush, up from 45% a month ago.

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