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We think it, Joe Biden says it — Bush is brain dead. He was referring to Bush’s stance on prescription drugs.

Biden criticized the administration’s prescription drug policies and their impact on consumers. “He is brain dead,” Biden said of the president. His comment was greeted with loud applause at the UAW Local 435 union hall in Cranston Heights but quickly drew the ire of Delaware Republicans.

“Sen. Biden should be ashamed of his below-the-belt rhetoric and personal attacks on the president,” said David Crossan, executive director of the state’s Republican Party. “Challenging policies is one thing, but calling someone ‘brain dead’ crosses the line.”

Many of the union members and retirees who attended the rally didn’t think Biden’s comments were out of line.

They said in the past they often crossed party lines to support the late U.S. Sen. Bill Roth, a conservative Republican who spent more than three decades in the Senate, and continue to vote for U.S. Rep. Mike Castle, a moderate Republican. However, they would have a hard time supporting Bush, they said, because of his administration’s policies.

“The senator wasn’t talking the political talk, he was pretty straightforward. That’s what we wanted and that’s what we got, straight talk,” said Bill Wasik, Local 435’s vice president. “Basically, the senator said that the Bush administration isn’t listening to the working men and women, and that’s true.”

Local 435 recording secretary Nancy Smith said that while Biden’s speech was “very emotional” she did not think his comments were off base.

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Pam Spaulding