…and she gives good speech too.

Democrats are so much more fun. Reader Max sends us this charming story about the lovely Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, the first lady of San Francisco.

The laughs were a lot more on the adult side in New York when Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom took the stage at Thursday night’s big Empire State Pride Agenda fund-raiser.

Guilfoyle Newsom was a last-minute sub for her husband at the gay rights event, which drew 1,100 guests. By all accounts, Guilfoyle Newsom — who lives in New York and is a regular on Court TV — gave an inspired speech.

But what really brought the house down was when she started talking about her hubby.

“I know that many of you wanted to see my husband and some of you had questions out there,” Guilfoyle Newsom said.

“Is he hot? Yeah.

“Is he hung? Yeah.

“Is he (she waved her hand to suggest bisexual)? Not unless you can give a better (she mimicked eating a banana) than me,” Guilfoyle Newsom said.

The mayoral bride’s remarks have become the talk of San Francisco City Hall.

“You know we believe in open government and we support full disclosure,” said Newsom press aide Peter Ragone, tongue firmly in cheek.

Others within the inner circle, however, were mortified by Mrs. Mayor’s remarks and fear this is one cute moment that could come back to haunt the ambitious Newsom down the line.

“It was funny, but it’s not something that Jackie would ever have said,” former Police Commissioner Wayne Friday quipped, referring to the Kennedyesque image the mayor has been cultivating.

Newsom himself did his best to put a positive face on it all.

“She gave a great speech,” the mayor said.

Somehow I can imagine Lynne Cheney giving the same speech…minus the hot, hung, and blowjob parts.

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