Me? I’m not the lesbian. I’m Liz, not Lez. Got it, buster?

NotMary Cheney comes out of her closet:

Liz Cheney, the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney (news – web sites), said Tuesday that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news – web sites) had no business dragging her sister’s gay lifestyle into the presidential debate.

“I was surprised that Senator Kerry would raise it and I think it is unprecedented for a candidate for the presidency to sort of exploit the child of one of his opponents for political gain,” Liz Cheney said in an interview with The Associated Press. “That did surprise me. I thought that was out of bounds, and I think what you have seen as a result of that is a lot of folks across the country really wondering what sort of a person would do that. It was sort of an insight into the character of Senator Kerry.”

Liz Cheney said her sister Mary’s lifestyle should not be an election issue.

“I don’t think Mary should be part of this campaign. I think issues having to do with the war on terror, having to do with the economy, having to do with health care, those are all critically important issues and those are the ones we’re spending a lot of our time focused on,” she said.

Liz Cheney was visiting the University of Denver with President Bush (news – web sites)’s twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara, for a forum on the need for women to vote.

Oddly enough, Mary Cheney apparently wasn’t invited to attempt to encourage women to vote even though she is quite fond of both voting and women.

And did I mention that Liz Cheney landed herself a cushy State Department job while her husband fell into an opening at OMB?

Apparently monster.com does work…

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