Alternate History, Part 2.

SunnyBlog (yeah, I never heard of it before either) posits an Alternate History:

If Bush had not invaded Iraq

10/19/2004 The Election

Democrat Presidential nominee John Kerry delivered a speech today condemning President Bush for failing to invade Iraq in the follow-up of military action against the Talaban and Al Qaeda in Afghanastan. “Leaving this tyrant in power in contravention of numerous United Nations resolutions is unconscionable,” Kerry told the Veterans of Foreign Wars. “He has left available a base of operations and a source of supply and money.”

Yup. That’s what he would have done, as if Bush hasn’t been a miserable failure at so many other things. Then again, if Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq, all of these people would still be alive and Ronald J. Watkins would just be another lonely private in the 101st Fighting Keyboarders&#153 all cammied up and no one to blow.

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