Just call me Droopy

Thanks for everyone’s get well wishes.

To make a long story short, but kind of interesting, I went in with the flu expecting to come out with antibiotics, but instead came out with a surprising prognosis. I seem to be over the sinusitis that I knew I had, but I’ve completely lost my hearing in my left ear which I thought came about from the sinus infection. Oddly enough the ear looks fine, but coupled with some slight swelling of the left side of my face and a bit of numbness, I have some indications of Bell’s Palsy. So we’re keeping a watch on it.

Of course the only person I know that has suffered Bells Palsy is

In 1986, Nader developed a condition called Bell’s Palsy. It affects the nerves in a person’s face. Common symptoms include various ticks and twitches, and even partial paralysis of facial muscles. The condition is often unilateral, affecting only one side of a person’s face. The cause is still unknown, although it is suspected to be a virus. Nader was sure he contracted the condition from recirculated air while traveling on a plane.

In Nader’s case, Bell’s Palsy initially froze the left side of his face, although that gradually abated. But he had continued difficulty controlling the muscles on that side. His left eyelid also began to droop. For some, Bell’s Palsy lasts only a few weeks, but in Nader’s case it would linger. He took to wearing dark sunglasses and began to joke with audiences that he could no longer be accused of talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Oh great. Now I’ll probably become a arrogant prick who will have a hand in giving George Bush for more years….


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