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Notice any difference in the above White House web site navigation? (Graphics captured and up at BradBlog)

BradBlog has noticed some hankypanky on the taxpayer-funded White House web site regarding Iraq and the Coalition. The mighty 48-nation Coalition of the Willing has been shrinking fast; it’s now around 30 and shrinking each day.

The latest country to have misgivings is Armenia, which is hesitant about committing 50, yes 5-0 to the effort. This impressive force was to serve under Poland, which has already announced plans to cut its forces in January.

These kinds of developments have made things a wee bit uncomfortable on the PR front for the White House, so someone, perhaps the webmaster, had a bright idea — just remove the page and the link to it, and maybe no one would notice. Unfortunately for the web master, Google’s cache keeps it all alive, as well as the White House’s own press release archive of the original 48 nations — which is still online.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding