With this much porn he must be a serial killer

Another American Idiot:

A sheriff’s department in northern Utah is requiring deputies to begin documenting pornography found at crime scenes and during arrests.

Lt. Matt Bilodeau, spokesman for the Cache County Sheriff’s Department, said that although no connection between legal porn viewing and criminal behavior has ever been proven, police have seen a steady increase in porn associated with crimes.

He likened the new tracking system to the approach police use with gang members.

“(Gangs) have certain clothes they wear, markings on their houses, tattoos,” Bilodeau said. “Like gangs, people who use pornography have associated traits, and we’ll define them so we can link them to crimes and pornography.”

Two of the porn traits involve going out in public in nothing but a robe and being one of those really quiet creepy guys who never say anything at work.

Really. If he lives in your neighborhood you should keep an eye on him….

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