The Dead

San Diego is well known as a military town, both Navy and Marines. As such, the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper (the only major newspaper we have) has been running a collection of articles on soldiers and their families and how the war has affected their lives. As of last Friday 153 Marines from Camp Pendleton in Oceanside have died in George Bush’s phony war and today the UT published a two-page spread with pictures of Marines who have died and comments from their families. Agree with them or not, it deserves to be read. While I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for these people who have lost their sons, I find the following quote appalling:

Cpl. Dustin Sides
22, Yakima, Wash.

Sides’ father has watched the news with a growing sense of frustration, especially in the months since his son was killed May 31 near Fallujah.

“They’ve got ’em over there with their hands tied,” John Sides said about the Marines. “Everybody’s so concerned with: ‘You might hurt the women. You might hurt the children.’ The women and children will kill you just as fast.”

Sides, 48, a contractor, is convinced that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that invading Iraq was an important step in the war against terrorists.

But he’s fed up with talk of a “sensitive war” and thinks the only way to fight in Iraq is to “crush these people and bring them to their knees.” He said he will vote for Bush.

Additionally, read this article on two families, their feelings about the war, and who they will be voting for.

And it should come as no surprise that the UT endorsed…George Bush. Their rationale: war, terra, and more war. Orwell would be proud.

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