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Chris Crain at the Washington Blade sums up why the Mary Cheney stupidity is and should be a non-issue. The problem is people focus on sexual orientation as if it is only about sex. It is no more so than being straight:

The mainstream press, which doesn’t hesitate to probe every aspect of the private lives of public figures, still treats a person’s sexual orientation as if it were reporting about their bedroom antics.

“In 2004, a person’s sexual orientation shouldn’t be considered a private fact — whether they are gay or straight. And the fact someone is gay certainly shouldn’t be considered private when the gay person is (a) a public figure; (b) involved in running a campaign that sets public policy that directly impacts gay people; (c) is public about being gay; and (d) has even used her sexual orientation to make money, as Mary Cheney did at Coors.”

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