Biting the hand that feeds him and wipes up those messy spills

Minnesotans in search of more national humiliation (Jesse Ventura, Vikings Super Bowl failures) are looking for a new poster boy to remind us of their overwhelming desire to be the Alabama of the tundra. This might explain the desire to draft a certain potty-mouthed cuckhold for Senator.

I think these people are serious. No. Really.

Oddly enough, they want him to run against a man that Lileks has supported in so many ways, Sen. Mark Dayton, heir to Dayton-Hudson of Target stores fame.

Personally I don’t think that Lileks would sacrifice his ability to shop for cheap Snapple and The Jefferson’s Season 3 DVD set for something as paltry as being a senator. But if Jimbo does make the run it would give Gnat the opportunity to use all those new words she’s learned like fail, fake, and feign

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