Debate Live Blogging from one of the internets.

I kind of enjoyed this one.

Meanwhile, contrast and compare:

Tom Shales:

Kerry wore a long puss through most of the evening, but Bush looked as smiley as Clarabell the Clown. Kerry did show a sense of humor when answering Schieffer’s last question, about what it was like to be surrounded by “strong women,” including their wives and daughters. Kerry said all three men, including Schieffer, were “lucky people who married up, and some would say maybe me more than others,” a reference to his inordinately wealthy wife. The crowd gave him a warm laugh and seemed relieved to see that Kerry can laugh at himself.

David “Axis of Fired Speechwriters” Frum:

Kerry made the gaffe of a lifetime in his answer to Bob Schieffer’s last question. “Well I guess all three of us are lucky men who married up.” The second those words passed his lips, his face flushed and his face twisted into a self-horrified grimace.

David knows better than to talk about wives…and vice-versa.

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