And she would have been wrong…

Roger Simon:

Why did Kerry’s mother feel she had to remind him “Intergity!(sic) Integrity! Integrity!” from her hospital bed when he told her he was thinking of running for President? What did she know? My mother would have assumed I would have integrity in the same situation.

Simon has spent the last year developing his reputation as the “former-liberal-whose-party-has-moved-away-from-him” go-to blogger in an effort to get some major media face-time and maybe sell a few more Moses Wine books. Of course Simon first had to wrestle the “former-liberal-yadda-yadda-yadda” title away from Michael Totten (on whom it wasn’t believable enough to achieve anything higher than schtick status) in a monumental battle of the invertebrates. Not too surprisingly Simon, using his Hollywood insider skills, emerged victorious, leaving Totten to roam the earth like Cain with a digital camera. Since then Simon has carried water for every rightwing talking point, no matter how awkward, garnering himself those covetted links from the Professor, the Cornertards, and various members of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders who’d rather blog than fight.

I guess we can’t blame Roger (who is a talented writer) for taking the low road to fame (this Soros post comes to mind). God knows demeaning oneself is in the water in Hollywood where people ooze fear. And maybe he’ll sell a few more books, and maybe he’ll get a few more calls returned, but let’s not mistake his change of political heart as a sign of integritry when it has marketing written all over it, bigger than the Hollywood sign.

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