I told you this would happen

Mr. Pottymouth brings it on home:

She’s learning rhymes. She tries to find a rhyme for everything. We’re playing that annoying Memory game, where you try to remember where the Cat card was amongst its 71 brethen.

Pail – Fail!

Right, hon. Fail means you don’t win.

Cane – Fane!

Uh – well, feign is a word. It means you pretend in an evil way.

Cake – Fake! It’s hard to describe the gusto she employs to shout out the rhyme. Pride and triumph. FAKE!

Absolutely right. That’s a rhyme.

Then she turned over a picture of a duck.

We had a little talk about bad words.

Where she learned that they are reserved for foreigners who are supposed to cater to our cheese whims and Iraqis who aren’t appreciative of Americans dying for their country…even though nobody invited them in.

Iteresting though that the words that Gnat comes up with are: fail, feign, and fake.

Life with daddy, don’cha know…

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