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Let’s talk about dogs, okay? (Cue cat lovers clicking over to cute kitten website). Basset hounds, as a rule, have very thick necks and very small heads (like a certain congressman we know) and are known to be stubborn, meaning that a standard collar won’t suffice. Due to their low center of gravity, strong legs, and ability to turn off their hearing when it doesn’t involve an invitation to dine (you may have friends or family like this) a tug on the leash is more than likely to result in an empty collar and a dog going the opposite way, albeit, not very quickly. For this reason we keep them in harnesses which seem to work a little better, and does give us the illusion of control. Hey, we’ll take what we can get. See below:

A brace of bassets Posted by Hello

All of this is by way of noting that my wife recently purchased a new harness for the ever-expanding Beckham who manages to get the front strap in his mouth where he chews on it till it breaks. The latest version (in a stunning black, which is simply a must for formal pooping on the lawn before retiring to the library for brandies, cigars, and occasional ball-licking – you may have friends and family like this too) comes from these fine people in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

What amused me, and was the cause of this posting, was reading the tag on the harness when I took it out of the bag tonight. Besides the Silverfoot web address was this stern warning in BIG BLOCK LETTERS:



I blame this on him.

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