Stalker finally snares victim

You have to give credit to Paul Flagg, he managed to avoid Kathleen Parker (the Ellen Goodman of the trailer-park set) for, lo, these past thirty-seven years:
The mystery of Pfc. Paul Flagg is solved. Thirty-seven years later, the Marine I wrote in Vietnam and then lost has materialized. He is alive and well in Sumter, S.C.

Flagg’s e-mail to me Monday morning answered the question I posed in a Veterans Day column in 1998: “Where are you, Pfc. Paul Flagg?”

It seems that Ms Parker wrote the column over six years ago and word has just now trickled down to Mr. Flagg who responded. What else do we learn from her column?

1. That Mr Flagg is, like a lot of Americans, unemployed.

2. Mr. Flagg, didn’t serve with John Kerry in Vietnam (like most of the Swift Boat veterans) but plans to vote for him (unlike most of the Swift Boat Veterans).

3. That Kathleen Parker could write a nationally syndicated column and it still took six years for word to get to Paul Flagg, meaning that: few people actually read Kathleen Parker’s columns. Except for us, of course, but we’ve got a soft spot for cranks.

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