Empty suit debates empty shoes. Loses.

Remember our good friend George Nethercutt of Washington? He’s not doing so well. He held a debate without his opponent:

Congressman George Nethercutt debated Patty Murray’s empty tennis shoes at the Pierce County Republican Headquarters earlier this morning with more than 50 supporters and local radio personality Barbara Lord Nelson moderating the debate. Nethercutt held the one-sided debate to give voters a chance to hear his stance on the issues, regardless if Patty Murray was there or not.

“It’s not fair to the voters in Tacoma, Yakima, the Tri-Cities or Vancouver-where there have been numerous debate offers that Senator Murray just hasn’t responded to,” Nethercutt said. “Voters deserve a chance to hear a comparison between our visions for the future and a chance to make a decision based on issues, not 30 second TV commercials.”

Effective? Not really.

Murray(D) vs Nethercutt(R)
All recent non-partisan polls have shown Murray leading by around twenty and well over the fifty percent Incumbent Rule line. Since the previous report, Nethercutt has cut into the 3:1 financial advantage that Murray held, particularly in cash on hand. Nethercutt has raised $5.2M ($3M cash on hand) to Murray’s $9.7M ($6M cash on hand). Still, outside of Strategic Vision, where Murray still leads 49-41 and the trendline is absolutely static, there is no evidence that Murray is vulnerable. All that money at least buys your own polls. Murray is strongly favored in a state where Bush recently pulled his campaign, leaving Nethercutt high and dry.

Sometime after the election Nethercutt is sure to say that his losing to Murray is a “more important story than losing a couple of soldiers every day”.

He’s kinda stupid that way…

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