And this year, my yard happens to be a stage…

I have a nasty head cold, so it’s off to bed with a book, but I thought I would share this interview with R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe before I turn in:

Stipe feels strongly about the band’s role in the “Vote for Change” tour.

“I’ll quote the film ‘Velvet Goldmine,’ which I executive-produced, which said, ‘We set out to change the world and we just wound up changing ourselves,’ ” Stipe said. “I’m not doing this out of a feeling of obligation or guilt. I’m doing it as a U.S. citizen. I really care deeply about my country and I’m really concerned about the direction we’re headed in.

“I felt like I wanted to put a yard sign in my front yard that states to everyone where I stand on this. And this year, my yard happens to be a stage and this is the strongest voice we can have as individuals, as U.S. citizens and also as a group. The tour was put together with Springsteen, the Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, the Dixie Chicks, it’s become huge.

“Will it make a difference? I don’t know. But I can’t just sit back on this one. I think this election is too important, not only because of the different ideologies being projected by the two parties, but also because I think the last election was fraudulent. And a democratic election is part of the foundation of free democracy. You can’t have fraudulent presidential elections.”

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