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AmericaBlog, DKos and Atrios have given Bush the moniker Furious George; here is Kerry’s take on the unhinged performance of the prez the other night.

Democratic hopeful John Kerry depicted President George W. Bush as angry, wrongheaded and unfit to lead, hours after the two rivals slugged out their second televised debate. Kerry flew into Ohio, a crucial battleground state where he is running neck-and-neck with Bush, and flung red meat rhetoric at a large crowd of supporters at a rally in the Cleveland suburbs.

The veteran Massachusetts senator lambasted Bush on Iraq, his failure to find terror kingpin Osama bin Laden and his tax policies, three-and-a-half weeks before the November 2 election.

“‘Do we want leadership as it’s called that can’t face reality and admit mistakes or do we want leadership that sees the truth and tells the truth to the American people?’ Kerry asked, shouting in a hoarse voice in a performance a world removed from the prosecutorial style he adopted in the debate.

‘For me, the most stunning moment of the whole evening was when George Bush was asked to name three mistakes that he has made … and the President couldn’t even name one mistake.’ Kerry looked back on Friday’s night’s debate in St. Louis, Missouri, recalling that at one stage a riled-up Bush cut off moderator Charles Gibson in midsentence to answer one of his rival’s statements.

‘I was a little worried at one point, I thought the President was going to attack Charlie Gibson.'”

Graphic by Mr. Curmudgeon, on Oliver Willis

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding