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He’s dead. George and Tony are to blame for all of this. Thanks for nothing but agony being spread worldwide. British Hostage Beheaded in Iraq, Video Shows:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – British hostage Ken Bigley has been beheaded in Iraq, three weeks after he was kidnapped by militants demanding the release of women held by U.S.-led forces, a video seen by Reuters showed on Friday. In the video, seen by a Reuters witness in the office of a foreign news organization in Baghdad, the 62-year-old engineer was shown making a statement as six militants stood behind him, before one cut his head off with a knife.

…Last week, Bigley appealed, in a video tape released by his kidnappers, to British Prime Minister Tony Blair to meet the captor’s demands to save his life.

‘Tony Blair is lying, he is lying when he said he’s negotiated. He has not negotiated. My life is cheap. He doesn’t care about me,’ Bigley said while squatting behind metal meshing and looking distraught.

‘I am begging you for my life. Have some compassion please,’ he said, his voice cracking with emotion.

Of course they should not negotiate, that would appease the terrorists. But these citizens did not have to die if Shrub and Blair hadn’t played cowboy with Saddam.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding