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Keith Olbermann rocks. He’s covering the debate question by question, like prizefight rounds. Looks like he’s judging Kerry as the winner of the slugfest. A sample:

9:34 p.m. ET

Round six: Bush receives from Robert Farley about prospects of a draft. Says he’s heard rumors on the “internets.” Bloggers can be heard howling over the multiple. Minus one point to Bush. Stumbles in claiming he’s replacing troops with weapons and equipment and unmanned vehicles. They’ll save “manpower and equipment.” Veers back to say there’ll be no draft. Kerry is on the ropes here, now lists the military leaders who support him. Sounds a little too much like thank yous at a Friars’ Roast. Minus one point to Kerry. Now Kerry backs out of clinch and says there’s already a backdoor draft and says his military policy will be like Reagan’s and Eisenhower’s. One point to Kerry. But Bush is off his stool before Gibson authorizes him to and he’s yelling at the ref — always a bad idea. Minus one point,. Bush. He also leaves himself open by invoking Poland as an ally when Poland is pulling out — Kerry scores point by noting it.

Round, Kerry +1 to -2.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding