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I received an email from a colleague today about the controversy regarding NC ballots — the design of which could confuse some voters.

I learned some interesting things about the North Carolina ballots for the upcoming elections. I find these shortcomings unbelievable, but here they are:

1. If you check the “straight party vote” box on the ballot, you are NOT voting for a presidential choice and you are NOT voting in any of the judicial races. The ballot has three sections—the presidential race, the judicial races, and the rest. “Straight party vote” only applies to the rest.

2. Judicial candidates on the ballot do not have party affiliations listed. It will not say “Democrat” or “Republican” next to the judges’s names. You need to take a cheat sheet in there with you. When we’re closer to the election, I will post the list of NC judicial candidates endorsed by the state Democratic Party.

3. Bring your picture ID to the polls. It is a requirement for early voting (October 14-30 at select sites and board of elections offices). I’ve heard mixed answers about whether or not it is a requirement for election day voting at your home precinct, so take a picture ID to be safe.

I’ll note that at least we don’t have to worry about touch screens. We have optical scan technology, so there is a paper trail. And, Durham voters can check if they are registered by going here.

Early voters have the option of casting their ballot on these days/times:

Thursday-Friday – Oct 14-15 9am-7pm

Saturday – Oct 16 9am-5pm

Sunday – Oct 17 1pm-5pm

Monday-Friday – Oct 18-22 9am-7pm

Saturday – Oct 23 9am-5pm

Sunday – Oct 24 1pm-5pm

Monday-Friday – Oct25-29 9am-7pm

Saturday – Oct 30 9am-1pm

…at these locations:

Board of Elections Office, 706 W. Corporation

Northern High School, 117 Tom Wlikenson Rd.

Hillside High School, 3727 Fayetteville St.

Githens Middle School, 4800 Old Chapel Hill Rd.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding