Man Handled

Far be it for me to pick on an easy target (yeah, right) but I couldn’t help reading this without noticing, well, I guess Freud would call it ‘hand-envy’:

After Dick Cheney had beaten Edwards about the head for a while during the debate, Edwards waved his girlish hands and said: “There are 60 countries who have members of al-Qaida in them. How many of those countries are we going to invade?”


Not only would the Democrats not have attacked Iraq, they would have given Saddam Hussein an award for having so thoroughly rid his nation of al-Qaida members. (And I know these Democrats are very proud of their superior manicures, but someone should tell Edwards to keep those girlish hands down.)


John Edwards managed to turn the deadly bombing of the pizzeria into another story about himself. On the basis of his brush with death, Edwards concluded: “What are the Israeli people supposed to do? … They have not only the right but the obligation to defend themselves.” (The scariest part of the story was that Edwards just had his nails done at the manicure place next door to the pizzeria that very day!)

So, what is up with Ann’s “girlish hand” obsession? Oh.

Next week, Ann takes on Edwards’ “graceful Audrey Hepburn-like neck”…


Ann calls it: Heart Patient/Ambulance Chaser

Larry Elder thinks it was: Debater versus leader

and Joel Mowbray calls it: The Professor and the Pretty Boy and Joel should know because “he owns over 200 DVDs” which is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read by someone trying to pad out a very thin bio….with the possible exception of Mike Adams who, at thirty-nine years old, is still pretty darn proud of that Texas high school soccer championship ring from back in ’82. Them was the days…yep.

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