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This, my friends, is the height of BALLS. Can they sink any lower?

A state Republican Party mailing accuses Democratic congressional candidate David Ashe–a Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq–of “weakening the war on terror” by supporting John Kerry.

A flier sent on behalf of his Republican opponent, Thelma Drake, says Ashe and the Democratic presidential candidate are “two peas in a pod” on “issues like higher taxes, abortion on demand and the war on terror.”

…Ashe called the flier an example of “low common denominator politics.”

“When I was walking around Iraq wearing 25 pounds of body armor, I thought I was pretty good on the war in Iraq,” Ashe said.

A lawyer who had been in the Marines, Ashe was recalled to active duty after the Sept. 11 attacks to serve in Kuwait and Iraq.

The story also notes that Ashe is running for the seat vacated by Ed Schrock in the 2nd Congressional District. Schrock dropped his bid for a third term after a BlogActive reported that he had used a gay telephone dating service to solicit men for sex.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding