He who must not be named…

Okay. So, like, there was this debate

If you were playing the debate drinking game and you had to do a shooter every time Dick Cheney mentioned George Bush…four times. That’s not even enough to give Jenna a buzz.

How did I see the debate (besides on TV, I mean)? I think that Cheney did well with the true believers, but I think that Edwards did better with the undecideds. As Dick Cheney restated his laundry list of administration accomplishments, voters had to look to their own lives and see how many, if any, of these achievements affected their own world; whether they are better of now then they were four years ago. I don’t think many people in middle America can say that (but what do I know, I’m in California and we were eating sushi during the debate which makes me out of touch with Peoria Cleveland). Edwards when not attacking the administration’s failings, at least gave people at home a sense of hope, a word Dick Cheney has had less face-time with than he claims he’s had with John Edwards. I also thought that Cheney ran out of steam in the last thirty minutes, possibly because domestic issues aren’t his strong point (mainly because he doesn’t give a shit) or maybe because he’s a tired old man with a bad heart. You decide.

If you’re the type who has chosen to live a Manichean life of fear and desperation since 9/11 I imagine you would lean towards Cheney. I choose not to live that way, so I have to give the edge to Edwards.

And Dick Cheney did himself no favors sending people to factcheck.com.

As someone else might say: heh.

Other notes:

Dick Cheney did President Short Attention Span no favors by being competent in tonight’s debate. The weakest and least informed debater is, well, this guy.

You had to see it to love it, but Chris Matthews completely Malkined Ben Ginsberg over Cheney’s claim to never have linked 9/11 to Saddam. NBC had the Meet the Press tape on after the debate, which Ginsberg tried to tapdance around by citing the 9/11 commission report, but Matthews wasn’t having any of it and completely shut Ginsberg down and left him to stand there with his eyes darting from side to side for help in a pool of Ginsberg gravy. It was lovely.

Confession: I’d never seen Andrea Mitchell before, and all I could think of was the fact that I’d never seen a nose like that before that didn’t have a pair of Groucho glasses attached. Suddenly her marriage to Alan Greenspan begins to make sense.

It’s icky…but it makes sense.

And the most important question that this country faces: When Brian Williams takes over that Big Anchor Chair at NBC, will he still have tanning-bed raccoon eyes?

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