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Homophobia in candidate ads continues…This one is for a third party Senate candidate in NY who is using stupid gay-baiting tactics to get ahead. Too bad she doesn’t have a prayer of getting anywhere with it, but STILL. (AP):

Conservative Party candidate Marilyn O’Grady’s ad features male figurines representing Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer and his Republican challenger, Howard Mills, on top of a cake.

“Schumer and Mills, the perfect liberal couple,” the 30-second spot states, citing the support offered by both Schumer and Mills for gay civil unions and abortion rights.

Only conservative Marilyn O’Grady stands with President Bush to defend marriage and protect the unborn,” the ad continues.

Schumer’s campaign declined to comment on the ad, while Mills campaign spokeswoman Caroline Quartararo called it an “interesting press stunt by a minor party candidate.”

Schumer, who is seeking a second term, has a wide lead in the race.

Meanwhile, Sully finds some more gay-baiting in, no surprise, SC:

A NEW LOW: South Carolina Republican Senate candidate, Jim DeMint, has now reached another anti-gay low. His was the campaign that accidentally sent out an email using the word “dike,” and now he’s declaring that gays should not be allowed to teach in public schools:

DeMint, a Greenville congressman, said the government should not endorse homosexuality and “folks teaching in school need to represent our values.” Tenenbaum, the state education superintendent, called DeMint’s position “un-American.” DeMint said after the debate that he would not require teachers to admit to being gay, but if they were “openly gay, I do not think that they should be teaching at public schools.”

It’s interesting to remember that, two generations ago, Ronald Reagan specifically opposed a California initiative to bar gays from teaching. But today’s Republican party is not Reagan’s party any more. It’s Santorum’s.

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