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I’m wondering what in the hell went wrong with Chimpy. Was he just overprepped, under/over medicated or what? His body language suggested he wanted to either clock Kerry, or walk offstage at times. I think having to be on the defensive, one-on-one, really sent him over the edge. It was as if his handlers, particularly whoever stood in for Kerry during the Bush’s prep, didn’t hit him hard enough so he wouldn’t be so rattled in the real debate. He was off even his lame 2000 debate performance.

I didn’t expect him to be fantastic, but, this being the foreign policy debate, he’s got nowhere to go but down.

No lie, I think there is something going wrong “under the hood” with Bush; he looked so bad. His stumbling and bumbling was at a such a level of impatience and discomfort that he looked unbalanced. It was funny at first, but after it all settled in and I watched a replay, it was actually frightening.

And the spinners really had a hard time defending that performance.

Kerry on the other hand, was wildly successful at being succinct and skewered great points home. He way surpassed my expectations.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding