Little Green Amnesiacs

Now that their boy went down like Ann Coulter at a Heritage Foundation smoker, the goofballs over at Little Green Footballs are saying, “Nah. The debate didn’t mean a thing…it was a farce…nobody can win it…move along now, there’s nothing to see…”

Isn’t it a little silly to talk about who “won” the presidential debate? Let’s face it; there was nothing to win. What we saw last night was a prime time variety show, with no resemblance at all to a real debate. The candidates were specifically prohibited from engaging directly with each other, and did nothing more than answer softball questions from Jim Lehrer. And what’s the point of having an audience if they’re supposed to pretend they aren’t there?

In my opinion, nobody “won,” although Kerry probably helped his battered image slightly by not collapsing into a quivering mass of orange Jell-o.

Oddly, for this “prime time variety show” Charles had not one, not two, not three, not four, but five posts preceding the debate. I guess it looked better before the ugly truth reared it’s petulant little head.

If you’ve never met Charles at LGF before, he’s the one who gets shot down at the bar by the hot babe and comes back and tells his friends that she’s “probably a lesbian.”

Yeah. That guy…

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