As an abstinence tool, it’s quite effective…

“I dunno, I think it’s a man, but some of the kids think it’s a woman. Whatever. We’re just all creeped out.”


“A fluent polemicist with a gift for Menckenesque invective…and she can harness such language to subtle, syllogistic argument.”–Washington Post Book World

“Ann Coulter is a trailblazer.”–Los Angeles Times Book Review

“She can zing one-liners faster than Zeus can throw lightning bolts.”–Kansas City Star

“You know those pundits who bore you to tears trying to balance everyone’s point of view? Coulter isn’t one.”–People

“A great deal of research supports Ms. Coulter’s wisecracks.”–New York Times

“The conservative movement has found its diva.”–Bill Maher

“Ann Coulter is a pundit extraordinaire.”–Rush Limbaugh

“Less stable than Iraq at election time”–TBogg

and let’s not forget what Bill Maher really told Ann Coulter:

“You just make shit up.”

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....