But I hear he’s big in Japan….

Just got my Bush Meetup notification. Looks like a table and two chairs may be overkill:

Since you haven’t RSVPed yet, you might not know that San Diego
Bush in 2004 Meetup Group has an event in two weeks.

See who’s coming and help your Organizer better plan the event
by RSVPing:

What: San Diego Bush in 2004 October Meetup

When: Tuesday, October 12 at 7:00PM
Where: Living Room Coffeehouse (Large coffee and slice of any
cake only $4.50) 1417 University Ave in Hillcrest @Richmond
San Diego CA 92103

So let’s see the signups.

0 responded ‘Yes’
0 responded ‘Maybe’
0 responded ‘No’

Sounds like a bunch o’ undecideds to me.

Ironic note: For the uninitiated, San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood can be best be described as….well….let’s just compare it to the Castro in San Francisco and leave it at that. I’m sure Bush supporters will be quite welcome there…

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