Weak. Ass.

Even by the rock-bottom standards we have come to expect from him, The Thing From Lucianne’s Vagina provides us with an example of why he’s still sitting on the bench in Single-A punditry:

Okay just to be clear: the people she mentions before Dan Rather, Joe Wilson and Gen Shinseki were political appointees of the White House. So when she writes “If you cross this administration you get your head handed to you” her examples are from a very select group of people. Al Franken, Michael Moore and countless others have gotten very rich by saying the very same things that Lawrence Lindsay and Paul O’Neill did. So her opening statement would be a bit more accurate if it was “If you are serving at the pleasure of the president and you cross them you will have your head handed to you.” Of course, her examples don’t back that up either because Lindsay and O’Neill were canned for lots of other reasons besides their candor.

As for Joe Wilson, well, a smarter liberal would be close to mortified to trot him out considering the laughingstock the 9/11 Commission report made of him.

And as for General Shinseki, an honorable man to be sure, is it really such a horrible offense to “scold” a general for being “incorrect”? Does Babs now subscribe to the school which says the civilian leadership of this country cannot declare a general incorrect without being authoritarian in some way?

And as for Dan Rather, his questionable “choice” was not to investigate Bush’s record so much as his decision to drag CBS through the gutter by rushing to air documents his own experts warned him were probably fake. Numerous news organizations have raised the same exact issues as the CBS story over the last four years. None of them have been investigated by the FCC because they didn’t use forged documents which have apparent — though not proven — ties to the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign. The reason the press isn’t discussing these issues as much as Babs would like is precisely the reason she’s making a fool of herself: they’ve discussed them endlessly already — and never paid a price for it. Meanwhile, Dan’s Nixonian self-immolation is news.

And, again: most people who “cross” this administration go about their lives doing just fine. I would be much more persuaded if Babs had cited a cab driver or one of her aroma therapists who paid a price — any price — for crossing the admistration (sic), or is(sic) she simply made an intelligent argument. But that would take more resources than even she has at her disposal.

Although we should give him credit for writing over 400 words without once resorting to a Simpson’s reference, is this the best he’s got? Referring to her as “Babs” and mentioning “her aroma therapists”? I don’t supposed he’s embarrassed that a professional singer can argue circles around him. I mean, crap, he is Jonah Goldberg after all and how he be any more embarrassed than to have to live with that?

If William F. Buckley weren’t already incontinent, he’d be shitting all over himself over where The National Review has gone.

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