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I almost cannot fathom how weird this election cycle is. With all of the outings and hypocrisy and truly unbelievable revelations, this one is particularly bizarre…Alan Keyes’s daughter is a lesbian. DKos has a thread on it, as does Chillinois (with pictures). Apparently Maya Keyes has a public blog out there and isn’t hiding the fact that she’s queer and has a girlfriend. What’s strange is how could her dad be the biggest homophobe in the world. After all, he raises money (for his losing campaign), specifically on a virulent anti-gay stance.

Alan Keyes, September 1, 2004:

But as I said to someone the other day, if my own daughter were a homosexual or a lesbian, I would love my daughter, but I would tell my daughter that she was in sin. And I would love her and pray for her and try to open her heart to the truth of God’s intention for her life. That’s what I would do.

And the Keyes’ do know…from her blog, also excerpted by Chillinois:

Third, my parents and I were seriously not getting along and so we needed some time off from each other; the idea was that after a year of being a wonderful good helping-the-poor type person they would once again like me and therefore be willing to pay for my college I’m not so sure that part of it will work; despite the fact that I’m all about working for global justice THEY don’t care about that, THEY only care that I am an evil dyke.

Apparently she took down her site last night (or at least all that was “incriminating”). The pix are on AmericaBlog.

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