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Looks like little Jenna takes after Pop.

Stumbling drunk Jenna Bush spotted in skanky DC bar. AmericaBlog’s John Aravosis has a scoop — one of the sources for this story is someone he knows.

My source, who was out for drinks at Smith’s Point bar in Georgetown, described the bar that night:

“It’s gross, it’s disgusting, it’s the grossest bar ever, you would never go there if you weren’t either wasted or stupid. The place is like a crawling Republican hangout – they all look like Tucker Carlson, it’s like a bad frat boy party. The guys that hang out there are reeking of money, it smells like puke and looks like a basement.”

Ok then, sounds like a place ready-made for the Bush family.

My source, who says she was at the bar with a few friends waiting to meet another friend, suddenly saw someone walk by:

“I was standing by the back bar, standing a couple feet away from the bar, and this guy with a Bush/Cheney trucker hat comes by. I noticed him dragging the hand of some girl, and thought ‘holy shit’ that’s Jenna Bush. It was obvious it was her, I knew it was her the minute she walked by. She looked just like she looks on TV, she had on jeans and a tank top.”

“She was drinking Budweiser and smoking Marlboro Reds. She was incoherent, that’s how drunk she was. She was holding court in back, trying to be inconspicuous. She was so drunk she couldn’t even sit up, her friend dragged her to the back of the bar stumbling because she couldn’t’ walk on her own. She then proceeded to take more shots because, like, that’s what this girl really needed at this point was more liquor.”

“Later, we walked out through the back and her friend with the bad trucker hat, he was kind of like shielding her from everyone, by this point people had realized it was her. Jenna starts shoving her hand in her face to kind of cover it up, meanwhile she’s so disheveled cuz she’s wasted.

“She definitely liked the firewater.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding